Shizendo knife 

The shizendo knife system has been developed from an amalagmation of many arts and from 40 years of experience. The fluidity and footwork of the knife system coupled with the angles of attacking and defensive techniques makes for a highly effective combatative art.

The Shi Zen Do bladed system trains both the straight knife and the karambit, its a concept and principles based system.

Pairs work, knife to knife, empty hand and knife using long and short ranged strategies, highly mobile in nature. Empty hand training is identical to weapons training as is the footwork also, the art of boxing, locking, grappling and throwing is also taught.

Karate weapons

There are many weapons in the Shizendo karate system

The Tonfa is a karate weapon of choice as stance and upper body techniques are exactly the same as is the empty hand trained in the karate katas. 

In ancient Japan, a variation of the Sai (called a Jutte) was often used by the feudal police in order to disarm and control criminals. Unlike Sai, the Jutte was used as a single weapon and is often referred to as the sword breaker. Like with Sai, the Jutte is very effective for the trapping swords and other weapons between its prongs.

The Tonfa, Sai Kama practiced is from the Shinpo Mataoshi system.

Filipino Weapons

The art of Escrima, Arnis and Kali was developed in different regions in the Philippines by many families which has grown into a very comprehensive fighting system, highly combative in nature.

Ecrima stick is an extension of the hands; the hands are the skill of the stick, therefore the art of the stick and empty hands are identical. Hand-to-hand combat techniques originate from the principles that underlie the historical stick and knife movements, same body mechanics coupled with the strikes, disarms, escaping from grabs and locking skills

The art can be divided into three areas of training, Stick, bladed and empty hand, the curriculum covers these main areas.

Tai Chi Weapons

The Tai Chi double edged Sword ‘the Jian’ which not only develops the ability to use the sword but promotes strength, extends the chi to the tip of the sword thus projection is further refined. In accordance with the principles of Tai Chi the sword practice is an exercise for good health and meditation in motion as well as a method of self-defence. The postures are soft, flowing outside with inner core strengthening on the inside. The sinews, tendons and joints are developed through the choreography. Body balance is increased as the sword is extended outwards from the body; The sword forms also reinforce the concepts and principles of Tai Chi, the concept of stick.

Sword use "first stick then"

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