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The Shi Zen Do Knife is an amalgamation of various parts of the grading syllabus to form an entire training system. Highly effective in turbo charging the body mechanics with explosive short and medium ranged training, “the way of the knife” further develops the fluidity and footwork utilising angles of attack and defence. The speed sensitivity training also heightens a state of awareness developing spontaneous response and counter measures through body positioning and distancing. All in all, every attribute associated to martial arts training is developed at another level, enhancement of developed skill through feel, it’s this feeling which helps to maintain mind body coherence with the bladed weapon and your partner’s movements. The knife is used as a tool to develop explosive dynamic body and footwork skills,


The first section teaches the Kata, this is the foundation of the short blade system, a wide range of different knife types are trained including the karambit, through prearranged moves and postures the student gains a feel for the body knife relationship. The form is trained on both sides of the body, equal skill both in right and left hand. The Shizendo knife system is used to turbo charge the body mechanics and develop explosive footwork and sharpen the reflexes and changing angles of attack and defence.  

Karambit training knife

Use of Locks (Kensetu waza) and hand drills (Tegumi drills) are extensively used as is the footwork skills (Kuzushi Waza) and the eight box method.

This knife system was develop through the study of many martial arts combined with over 40 years of training, it was on approach the shizendo knife system was created. The importance of the bladed systems have on the empty hand training cannot be over looked; the knife will enhance the empty hand training.

Pairs work, knife to knife, empty hand and knife using long and short ranged strategies, highly mobile in nature. Empty hand training is identical to weapons training as is the footwork also, the art of boxing, locking, grappling and throwing is also taught.

A number of students already know the boxing and the tegumi hand drills, locks and throws coupled with the footwork, the use of the knife is blended into these skills.    

If you’re starting as a new student you will be taught the entire system from the basic knife kata to application. If you’re from another training system, the shizendo knife training can be blended into your existing art.

Please see club instructor for more information and the curriculum.

Weapons training Friday Cascades Leisure Centre 7pm

Courses are held every 6 weeks, please see club instructor for details or go to posts for date times and venue.

Courses are held every 6 weeks, please see club instructor for details or s post for date times and venue.

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