Escrima Stick – Knife – Tonfa – Tai Chi Sword – Dao – Jian

Sunday 12th November 10am to 1pm

Istead Rise Cummunity Centre Worcester Close Istead Rise Gravesend DA1 9LB

Course Fee £15

Escrima Stick originates from the Philippines and is also known as Arnis, Kali, and we use part of the Balintawak system, the term used for this art is often referred to as FMA (Filipino Martial Arts).

Shizendo uses the weapons as a training tool to develop and improve our coordination skills, enhancing our power to deliver force coupled with correct body and strategic body positioning. The art of the empty hand and the core attributes are transmittable to the FMA weapons systems. The use of correct body mechanics and body alignment create a dynamic explosive art.  

Shizendo knife will be covered on this course, in-depth training on the two forms, the shizendo knife form and the FMA form, plus a overview of the content in the training syllabus.

Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of moving meditation with ancient roots in Chinese martial arts. Beyond the bare hand Tai Chi form awaits the elegant and highly effective Tai Chi Sword, which has long been considered the highest achievement in Tai Chi training. Taiji Sword, part of Tai Chi Chuan, is a Chinese martial art known for its softness overcoming hardness. Its slow, graceful movements combine Yin-Yang concepts, promoting harmony. As an internal art, it enhances the mind and inner energy. Taiji Sword cultivates concentration, balance, and flexibility, making it a beautiful and effective weapon in Chinese martial arts.


Jian is a double-edged sword, typically a weapon for more advance students. The Jian sword allows a student to explore and develop techniques using a variety of points on the weapon whilst exploring the use of the 13 energies and the extension of Chi through sword practice.

The Jian sword training reaches far beyond than the sequence of movements, it’s a complete study of the use of the sword, its structures, the internal dynamics and how it effects our structural alignment. The student will also learn the associated fundamental strategies and application to the sword whilst furthering the understanding of the principles and concepts of this weapon.   

Sabre Introduction to the Sabre will also be covered on the course, training drills developing cut, slice, chop and stab, footwork and strategies of the sword



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