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Each weapon within the shizendo weapons system has a dedicated instructor specialising with a variety of weapons giving the best tuition possible in class training sessions. Whether your interest is with Okinawan weapons, Tai Chi weapons or the Philippino weapons system there is something for you. The study of weapons are an important aspect of developing your art, each weapon teaches the student something about body mechanics and specific ability associated to that weapon. Cultivating the required body mechanics and body alignments coupled with power stances and agility the student develops strength and power in motion. Okinawan weapons Pete Halloran Philippines weapons Simon Chambers / Steve Martin Tai Chi Weapons Paul Bacon / Fred Lumbert / Steve Martin

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Balintawak is a highly effective martial art utilising explosive dynamic movement coupled with empty hand training making this art an excellent choice for developing speed power and control. The curriculum will take a student from level one through to level three. Each level of training will take the student through shadow form, full control form and full power form plus two man form developing evasion, followed by countering. The curriculum also includes the use of the knife both as training forms and two person forms, boxing is also taught alongside the stick. The karambit (knife) is also taught within the Balintawak system using the same methods as the stick and knife training. Balintawak training under Simon Chambers and Steve Martin

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Okinawan weapons

Okinawan weapons taught are the Tonfa, traditionally used in pairs and the basic principle of the weapon is to use them as an augmentation for the blocks and strikes as used in Karate. Highly effective and mobile weapon and is a natural choice of a karate student. The Sai is a three pronged martial arts weapon useful for trapping and blocking enemy attacks. As well as the blade, truncheon part of the Sai (the hilt) is also used in order to strike the opponent. The Kama is a martial arts weapon based on a farming instrument, the small scythe used for cutting rice. Bo, is a long ranged weapon of choice. The training is both in kata and partnered pairs work training. Okinawan training under Pete Halloran

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Tai Chi Weapons

The Tai Chi Weapons are the Jian Double edged sword, Chinese Broadsword, Miao Dao large two handed sword and the pole/spear. These weapons are used in accordance to Tai Chi Concepts and principles methods of training for good health and meditation as well as an effective form of martial arts and self-defence. The postures of the these weapons forms are soft and flowing on the outside with a strong inner core promoting the strengthening of the sinews, tendons, joints developing muscle tone and good body balance through the choreography. Pole/spear form training, developing (Fa-jing) whipping power and projecting energy principles, used as a long ranged weapon. the Tai Chi weapons are under Steve Martin Fred Lumbert Paul Bacon

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