February 2, 2020

Shizendo Knife


Black belt 1st Dan students achieving this level will start training the Knife. The Shi Zen Do Knife is an amalgamation of various parts of the grading syllabus to form an entire training system including its use and function. The way of the knife further develops the fluidity and footwork plus angles of attack and defence with speed and heighten state of awareness.  The first section teaches the Kata, this is the foundationof the short blade system of 30 moves preformed on the right and left hand. Pairs work are also introduced both knife to knife, empty hand and knife using long and short range.

Use of Kensetu waza and Tegummi drills are extensively used as is the Kuzushi footwork.

Tanto Waza             Knife Kata                              Solo practice

Tanto                        Knife Targeting                     Partnered practice

Tanto Te                  Knife against empty hand     Partnered practice

Tanto Tanto            Knife against Knife                 Partnered Practice

Any of the above formats can be utilised and cross trained to developed various training

Drills within the training sessions thus furthering understanding and skill .

This knife training system was develop by Steve Martin and designed to enhance the empty hand training. Developing sensitivity and speed, used to turbo charge the body mechanics through footwork and changing angles of defence and attack.  The knife is used as a tool to develop explosive dynamic body and footwork skills.  

The flow is the art