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  • Sunday 4th February
    Weapons Training – Knife – Tonfa – Escrima – Tai Chi Swords Istead Rise Community Centre, Worcester Close, Istead Rise, Gravesend Kent DA13 9LB on Sunday’s 10am to 1pm. fee £15.00 The Shi Zen Do bladed system is a well-rounded martial arts system that integrates principles from various arts, emphasizing… Read more: Sunday 4th February
  • Weapons Courses 2024
    Sunday 4th February 10am to 12.30pm Sunday 17th March to 1.00pm Sunday 28th April to 1.00pm Sunday 9th June to 1.00pm Sunday 1st September to 1.00pm Sunday 13th October 10.00am to 1.00pm Sunday 1st December 10am to 1.00pm Istead Rise Cummunity Centre Worcester Close Istead Rise… Read more: Weapons Courses 2024
  • Weapons Course 12th November
    Escrima Stick – Knife – Tonfa – Tai Chi Sword – Dao – Jian Sunday 12th November 10am to 1pm Istead Rise Cummunity Centre Worcester Close Istead Rise Gravesend DA1 9LB Course Fee £15 Escrima Stick originates from the Philippines and is also known as Arnis, Kali, and we use… Read more: Weapons Course 12th November

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