10am to 1pm

This course will focus on the Stick forms and Knife forms with applications
coupled with the concepts and principles of the art. The course will also cover
the knife and stick syllabus with a breakdown on each of the sections and how
it ties into the empty hand arts.  This will give a good overview of the training
and will provide a training system for the students to follow.

Also on the course is the Tai Chi doubled edge sword the Jian form
work and application to the sword postures. Looking at the cuts, thrust,
sweeps, parry with accompanying footwork coupled with the correct angles and
body alignment. An introduction to the Tai Chi Sabre, basic drills to enable
the students to gain a feel for the sword before the form is introduced.

This is a three-hour course with a half hour rest break for food and drinks.

Course fee £15.00



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