Coordination, control, dexterity and balance are developed with the Chi Sau ring which enhances ability to further use sensitivity and connectedness whilst flowing from position to position.  Inside and outside gates of the ring are trained as is the strategies of using the ring related to person to person usage, explored through many solitary hours of training. The use of the Jook Wan ring replaces partnered training if no partner is available between class training sessions, it develops arm, wrist and hand positioning coupled with body mobility enabling one to follow, retreat and evade.   Unlike the wooden dummy which is fixed the Jook Wan moves with you as you move, one can cover the cardinal points of the compass and the inherent body positions relative to combative angles of defence and attack are also practiced.  Some of these strategies embedded within the training are as follows

Radial positioning area,  Centre and Central lines of defence and attack,  Seeking  the straight in the curve, Movement and stillness,  Solidification and fluidity, Extension and contraction, Unification and division, Harmonise energies, Axis and fulcrum points, Primary hands and corner hands supporting each other, Defence and attack are the same action, The upper and lower support each other as the right and left side of the body, Simplicity, directness, practicality, economy of movement.

The body’s limitations are set by the mind, use your mind (Yi) to flow through the body to the ring, mind body and ring are one action.



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