Technical Committee

The Shi Zen Do Technical Committee was formed by a team of high level instructors to monitor the standard of teaching and student levels, ensuring that Shi Zen Do offers the best support for student progress and instructors alike. The objective of the Tech team is to offer advice on students wishing to take Dan grade, taking steps to becoming an instructor within our association, improvement of technical skill and well-being of the association. The Tech Team’s sole role is to produce the best results possible for every student, regardless of age, ability or disability. Shi Zen Do association offer all of its students a safe, friendly, fun and educational environment in which to train and develop both physically and mentally.  

UK Technical Committee Team Members.

Steve Martin

Dean Radmore

Pete Halloran

Ian McClelland

Chris Dickens

Simon Chambers

Norwegian Technical Team

Marianne Olafsen

Tove Olafsen

Daniel Borjesson

The Tech Team are high level instructors who have been training for many years and practice a variety of martial styles and have a vast experience in teaching and running of clubs for both children and adults. Some of the instructors have been working for professional organizations NHS, local Council and local schools in the Kent area.

Karate, Jujitsu Su, Okinawan Weapons systems, Balintawak, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung      

Technical Commitee



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