Self, Aware, Fend and Escape

What is SAFE, translated means Self, Aware, Fend and Escape, or could read Self, Action, Fight and Escape, depending on the situation you could find yourself in.

SAFE is a five week training programme designed to take a person through the four approaches of self-defence. Each weekly training session is accumulative with the skills learnt added to the following training session thus developing a broad but simple effective system of self -defence.

Self-defence has to be simple to work, complex’s multi-dimensional moves are far too difficult to execute and would require regular training to remember them, and almost impossible for an untrained person to perform. The SAFE programme is a no fuss approach to learning. From the very first training session you will be taught basic techniques, strikes and parries coupled with footwork and correct distancing. Also during each training session time is given to group discussions, enabling you to fully understand how each technique is used and more importantly when how.

SAFE are hands on training programme making use of training equipment giving the person a real sense of how to develop power which also builds self-awareness confidence thus enabling them to be better prepared in real life situations.

So who would benefit from the SAFE training course? Everyone who attends one of the courses will get a better understanding of their weakness and strengths, from a child to an adult, novice to a student of martial arts. Remember this is a no nonsense tried and tested approach, incorporating all  the necessary skills and techniques packaged into a simple effective training programme.

The child’s programme which also includes anti Bullying is designed to work in a situation that a child may find them likely to be caught up in, as well as armed with response techniques that a child will understand and can easily use. It’s Important that children stay safe and any techniques taught have to be safely used.

The Adults training programme takes into account the most likely self-defence situation that a person could find themselves involved in, but within the training session other important points will arise. These important points will be raised by the students within the training session as the lesson unfolds; different scenarios require the student to adapt techniques taught.  This exploration of changing circumstances within a self-defence situation is a key point in the Safe Programme; the student learns to apply techniques from random attacks.

A person finding themselves in a situation and having no choice but to act when confronted by acts of aggression will find the information and training within the safe programme invaluable. Also within the SAFE programme you will find improvements in health, fitness and coordination skills.

For further information on holding a course or attending class please contact
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